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Biesbosch National Park

♦ Biesboschcentrum - Baanhoekweg 53, Dordrecht  ♦  20 min.  ♦ 

Our holiday homes are only 18 kilometres away from De Biesbosch National Park. Within 20 minutes you can drive to the beautiful nature park. The 'up and down' freshwater area of De Biesbosch is rare. Discover nature to the rhythm of ebb and flow. Cruise the winding creeks and look for kingfisher nests, gnawing trails, beaver lodges and cycle past open meadows full of water birds. Climbing, scrambling and romping around is possible in many play forests and gardens that the nature reserve has to offer.

Discover the Biesbosch from the water
Rent a canoe, kayak, sup or whisper boat and experience the Biesbosch up close! Cruise along the willow forests, green banks and winding creeks or rivers. Go on a voyage of discovery and paddle through the adventurous maze of the Biesbosch. Or take a tour with a whisper boat.

Walk through the beautiful nature of De Biesbosch National Park. Experience the adventurous maze of this unique river delta: a land of warped willow forests, green banks, islands and narrow creeks with crystal clear water. From a short detour on paved roads to long walks through swampy wetland. Go off the paved paths to spot the most beautiful nature and enjoy the real Biesbosch experience. There are various walking routes in the Biesbosch from 1.5 to more than 20 kilometres. You can get detailed directions from the visitor centres.

A day out with the whole family! The Biesbosch is a beautiful playground. You can search, climb and clamber in the various play forests and gardens. Look for the beavers in the 'Beaver forest' or take the zip line over water channels at 'De Speeldernis'.

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Biesbosch Package
Discover De Biesbosch National Park on your own! After an intensive day in the Biesbosch, enjoy a delicious Biesbosch 3-course menu in our restaurant. Book the Biesbosch Package at Holiday Park Molenwaard!