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Be surprised by the extensive range of options in neighbouring cities, such as Dordrecht and Gorinchem. From a pleasant fortress to a dynamic metropolis, from Burgundian restaurants to authentic shops. What does your ideal city trip look like? Go out and discover the towns in the region. Some recommendations:

Nieuwpoort ♦ 10 min. ♦
The city of Nieuwpoort was granted city rights in 1283 and was used for years as a Fortress City in the Dutch Waterline. Visit the ramparts and wander through this beautiful historic town.

Gorinchem ♦ 10 min. ♦
Gorinchem was an important Fortress City in the Old and New Dutch Waterline. Climb the Great Tower and see the contours of the beautiful ramparts from above. The ramparts run all the way around the city and give you a beautiful view over the rivers; unique in the Netherlands. More information 

Dordrecht ♦ 20 min. ♦
The hidden gem, hidden between mighty rivers. Dordrecht already received city rights in 1220, making it the oldest city in the Netherlands. Go back to the rich past with a walk through the more than 1,500 monuments, experience the rugged nature, lively festivals and historic harbours. More information

Rotterdam ♦ 30 min. ♦
The world port city. Experience the young, dynamic metropolis. With its special history, rich architecture, trendy restaurants and food markets, renowned museums and cool festivals, there is always something new to discover. More information

Woerden ♦ 40 min. ♦
The real farmer's market town. Visit the farmer's cheese market, the modern cheese warehouse and the annual Cow Market. Stroll through the regional market on the church square and taste the tastiest regional products on your plate in the cosy restaurants. Be surprised in this picturesque historic fortified city. More information

Breda ♦ 35 min. ♦
The city with royal allure. Discover all Nassau hotspots in the Best City Center of the Netherlands. Let yourself be pampered in one of the many brown cafes or restaurants, take a quiet walk in the woods or shop till you drop in the unique boutiques. More information

Utrecht ♦ 40 min. ♦
The vibrant heart of the Netherlands. Discover the centuries-old university city, built around the Dom Tower. Stroll through the city centre with wharf cellars along the canals full of atmospheric cafes and terraces on the water. More information