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Dairy farm Bons

The Bons family are the neighbours of Holiday Park Molenwaard. In their 5-star hotel, you will find real world champion cows.

For almost 20 years, the farm with 60 cows and 40 hectares of land has been dedicated to their world champions. The cows of Nico Bons are not just cows, but grow up to participate in inspections and competitions. Such a world champion has the most beautiful coat, udders and produces the best milk.

On the farm, all cows grow up and are slowly trained and prepared to compete for the prizes. The show cows each receive their own feed and are washed weekly. Visitors from all over the world come to the farm in Ottoland to view the cows. Of course, the cows also work very hard, the 60 cows of the family provide the tastiest milk.

Join the tour from Holiday Park Molenwaard and take a look at the farm of the Bons Family. You walk with the farmer or his wife through the 5-star hotel for cows and see how the cows are trained to become world champions. You see how the cows are milked and you can taste the fresh milk! At the end of the tour, everyone can have their picture taken with one of the world champions. A unique experience!