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Fortress Triangle

Five beautiful places, three dynamic provinces ... from imposing fortresses to picturesque city streets. And all that in one day. Visit the most special places in the Fortress Triangle, between the major rivers of our country. With a ferry, you can sail from one hotspot of the Dutch Waterline to another.

Loevestein Castle ♦ 35 min. ♦ 
Loevestein Castle is a must for young and old. Crawl into the world from which Hugo de Groot managed to escape. Receive your personal key to the most famous castle in the Netherlands, dress up as a knight or princess and explore the castle with its many stories. Experience the eventful history of the most famous castle in the Netherlands; a unique place where nature and culture meet. More information

Fort Vuren ♦ 20 min. ♦
Fort Vuren was built in 1844 on the northern Waaldijk. Visit the cosiest tower fortress in the New Dutch Waterline. After an extensive tour of this important piece of military heritage, you can rest and have a delicious lunch on the terrace of the Fortwachterij in the shade of the trees. More information

Gorinchem ♦ 15 min. ♦
The largest fortified city in the Netherlands. Take a tour over the historic ramparts, with the Dalem Gate, imposing cannons and windmills as a beautiful view. Then follow the road to the bustling city centre with its many terraces and special shops. You can enjoy hiking and cycling in the area. More information

Woudrichem ♦ 25 min. ♦
The city of river fishing. Woudrichem was part of the Old and New Dutch Waterline as a settlement city. Discover the historic harbour, wander along the centuries-old facades and enjoy a delicious drink on the terrace. The city was the backdrop of the film classic Winter in Wartime and Dutch TV series Dokter Tinus. More information

Zaltbommel ♦ 35 min. ♦
The city of “I went to Bommel to see the bridge…”. In 1934 Martinus Nijhoff described the splendour of the beautiful fortified city of Gelderland. Discover the beautiful palette of art and culture, but also the shops, restaurants and ancient city walls. In the fortified city of Zaltbommel, you can count on a good portion of history and culture. More information