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♦  Nieuwe Steeg 74, Herwijnen  ♦  25 min.  ♦

Dive into the future of our planet at Geofort in Herwijnen. Experiment with old and modern geo-techniques. Explore the underground tunnel, create your own compass, follow the trail in the scent maze or step into the virtual elevator to the core of the earth on this exciting fortress island.

GeoFort is an interactive science centre located on an exciting fort in the New Dutch Waterline. Everything in the science centre revolves around planet earth. Three themes are central: climate, geodesign and big data. Experience the themes in the GeoExperience, the 'intelligent' maze and the Bat Scavenger Garden.

GeoFort is part of the New Dutch Waterline. The line had to protect the wealthy west against the enemy from the east. Pieces of land were flooded knee-high. That way, the enemy could not attack the Netherlands by boat or on foot. Water became the most important weapon for the Netherlands.

Since June 2012, GeoFort has been open to families on weekends and holidays. Experience the power of spatial thinking at Geofort. Visit the interactive children's museum GeoFort where everything revolves around the earth or have dinner in the restaurant.

Step into the Expedition Earth and take an exciting journey to the centre of the Earth. Come and have a look in the earthquake hall, design your own maze with planks or make your own compass with a small needle! The possibilities are endless with the GeoFort.

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